CNC Press Brake

Get a Perfect Metal Fold at Barden Fabrications

The CNC Press Brake is the fastest and most technologically advanced metal folding device available in Australia today. Barden Fabrications has incorporated this device into our fully integrated sheet metal fabrication process to increase production precision and reliability.

Using the numerically controlled and fully computerised press brake, Barden Fabrications can duplicate sheet metal folds as many times as necessary, maintaining exacting precision with every fold. The last item in the order will be just as precise as the first ensuring waste reduction and cost effective manufacturing.

High Volume Capacity

Our computer controlled brake machinery gives us the capability to manufacture large numbers of components quickly while maintaining exact precision. We can also manufacture samples of any folded sheet metal component, enabling you to provide product previews for your clients.

The CNC Press Brake is fully integrated into our fabrication process, so we can add folded components to any order. Our robot welding capabilities allow us to integrate folded components into any system or structure, including architectural metalwork and machine components.

The CNC Press Brake demonstrates our commitment to use the latest technology to increase the speed and precision of our manufacturing processes. This technology and our project management capabilities allow us to handle virtually any sheet metal fabrication work you might require.

Inspect Our Work

To see the CNC Press Brake, robot welding or any of our manufacturing processes in action, please call +61 (03) 9729 3233 or contact us online. We welcome you to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and invite you to inspect our work.