Robot Welding

Barden Fabrications - Automated Welding Specialists

Sheet metal fabrication experts, Barden Fabrications, specialise in precision robot welding of high volume components.

The metal fabricator carries out both metal inert gas (MIG) welding on stainless steel, aluminium, and mild sheet metal fabrication jobs. The technique has been used on Barden contracts within all our industry categories we supply.

MIG welding is the most common industrial process used in sheet metal fabrication. When automated for robot welding, a consumable electrode passes through a torch mounted to a robotic arm. The electrode carries electricity to work-pieces and melts into the two pieces, joining them. To ensure a quality weld, an inert shielding gas surrounds the electrode and weld pool during the process.

Alternatively, it provides a stable, spatter-free process producing high quality weld seams where complex reworking is not required.

Both techniques produce quality results with minimal down time, reducing project costs.

Robot welding is ideal for the manufacture of signs, vehicle parts, architectural components, shop displays and frames.

Barden Fabrications is your one-stop sheet metal fabrication workshop combining CNC machinery, robot welding and other manufacturing processes to meet project requirements.

Dealing with one metal fabricator helps simplify the manufacturing process and reduces costs.

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