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    Industries We Serve Barden Fabrications – One-Stop Metal Workshop Barden Fabrications is a one-stop sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing workshop making products or all industries. We use advanced CNC machinery including a CNC brake press and laser cutting to provide services such as turret punching and sheet metal fabrication for
  • Our Services

    Our Services Experience the Barden Fabrications Service Advantage Barden Fabrications has been fabricating sheet metal for more than 25 years. With the use of cutting edge technology, we are the leading metal fabricator in Victoria. Our customers know they can count on us to provide innovative solutions. We work with
    • Laser Cutting

      Laser Cutting Boost Productivity with Laser Cutting from Barden Fabrications Victoria’s leading metal fabricator, Barden Fabrications, carries out advanced laser cutting of metal for Australian industries using the latest fibre-guided, energy-efficient technology. The ability for laser cutting of metal is integrated into our sheet metal fabrication processes, enabling us to
    • CNC Press Brake

      CNC Press Brake Get a Perfect Metal Fold at Barden Fabrications The CNC Press Brake is the fastest and most technologically advanced metal folding device available in Australia today. Barden Fabrications has incorporated this device into our fully integrated sheet metal fabrication process to increase production precision and reliability. Using
    • CNC Turret Punching

      CNC Turret Punching Get the Right Shape at Barden Fabrications CNC Turret Punching is one of the fastest and most affordable sheet metal fabrication techniques available and is used in the manufacture of components made from steel, stainless steel, aluminium, or brass. Whether you need a few prototypes of several
    • CNC Machining

      CNC Machining Find Precision Manufacturing at Barden Fabrications Barden Fabrications uses the latest computer numerically controlled or CNC machinery to offer precision manufacturing at competitive prices. Our workshop has some of the latest CNC machinery, including CNC press brakes, machine turning and turret punches. The use of CNC machinery allows
    • Robot Welding

      Robot Welding Barden Fabrications - Automated Welding Specialists Sheet metal fabrication experts, Barden Fabrications, specialise in precision robot welding of high volume components. The metal fabricator carries out both metal inert gas (MIG) welding on stainless steel, aluminium, and mild sheet metal fabrication jobs. The technique has been used on
    • Sheet Metal Fabrication

      Sheet Metal Fabrication Discover Barden’s Comprehensive Metal Fabrication Services Barden Fabrications provides a comprehensive sheet metal fabrication service including automated manufacturing with CNC turret punching, robot welding, laser cutting and brake press. Using the latest technology, we are able to deliver large numbers of precision components with fast turnaround times.